Free will and Moral Responsibility Essay Updated

My thanks to Dr. Greg Welty for going through my previous draft with a fine-toothed comb and correcting many typos. There were others who caught some errors, but Greg spent a significant amount of time and effort ferreting many out and also pressing for clarification in a few important areas. No doubt, considering the source (me) there’s still bound to be a couple errata left over, but I consider this version to be significantly better (mostly in terms of style, not content) than the one(s) posted earlier.

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  1. No. :-) Nothing substantive changed. It’s just a cleaer read in terms of style and there’s some added clarification in a few places.

  2. The question is a little confusing. This is something I wrote in my spare time over about a month’s time. I authorize all the versions and don’t really care which one someone reads (they’re all virtually identical in terms of content). However, if you want to read a crisper version, or pass along a crisper version, then the latest one is the best. If you or someone you know read a previous draft, nothing (really) would be gained by reading this later one.

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